Abandoned Buildings

My name is Bridget Newman and I am an older disabled photographer.  I photograph social history images, items that have been left to decay and rot, empty abandoned buildings and areas where nature is reclaiming items.  The past is interesting to me and I try to capture some part of it whether it is still there or not.

The project is about abandoned buildings.  The buildings that are no longer in use and have not been so for some time.  The weather has taking its toll on them and so have people through graffiti or arson (even if by accident).

Due to some disabilities I use an Unmanned Arial Vehicle or a Drone as they are commonly known as and on good days a handheld camera.  Looking from above, downwards, gives a view that is not ordinarily seen and different.  The drone can help me see the buildings from above and see what is left of the building like a roof or not or the metal girders of a roof.  The work I have done so far shows there is a part roof or just the metal girders of a roof left which can give you an incite as to what is or has been inside the building.  When the drone cannot be used, I use my handheld camera and capture the abandoned buildings.  I can get close to the inside of some buildings.  With both sets of images you can see where nature has started to grow out of the walls, up the walls or from the roof and guttering.

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