“A Doorway Through Time” is a biophilic exploration into an Art Nouveau portal. It investigates the wonder of nature around my home in Mid Wales and the reasons why it is so wonderful to bring the outside in, to work with nature rather than against it. Developing modern watercolour techniques, I draw and paint from the photographs that I take of the places, trees, shrubs, birds, bugs and all things natural that inspire me most. I seek to celebrate this magical sense of beauty through my experiences that I then direct into my art.

I transform these motif’s into pattern designs that decorate a multitude of surfaces for interior design. Also for the many surfaces that patterns can be applied to such as cards, stationery, gift wrap, and other products.

Inspired by The Art Nouveau I seek to capture these special moments as I immerse myself in the beautiful, nature-filled places of Mid Wales.

“…art will make our streets as beautiful as the woods, as elevating as mountain-sides…all the works of man that we live amongst and handle will be in harmony with nature…” William Morris (Poulson 1989, p.162).



Poulson, C. 1989. Flora And Fauna. In: William Morris. London: Eagle Editions, Quintet Publishing


"Watercolour Impressions" Panel Design

This abstract panel design (150 x 300cm) seeks to provoke nostalgia for our natural world.

"Watercolour Impressions" Panel Design Image

"Watercolour Impressions" Variations

This shows variations of colours and a 100% swatch sample of the panel design.

"Watercolour Impressions" Variations Image

"Kingfisher Dreams" Pattern

This wallpaper pattern would also translate into a wide range of interior, stationery or gift designs. Inspired by the kingfisher who sits on the lilies in my neighbour’s pond, who tries to pinch the habitant fish. I love that these special moments can be captured through art.

"Kingfisher Dreams" Pattern Image

"New Nouveau" Pattern

These twists and twirls imitate The Art Nouveau Movement which maintained such a wonderful focus on our natural world.

"New Nouveau" Pattern Image

"Lattice" Pattern

These are insects that I feel privileged to have captured on camera during the three-month (initial) lockdown in March. The little green bug buzzed into my room as I painted motif’s, the brown moth flew in at night and got removed carefully, the bee had to be revived with a few drops of honey before it could fly off again. I share these moments on Instagram and then use watercolours to illustrate them. The pattern designs develop from this process. Through this, I feel like the little creatures live on, in a small way, beyond their otherwise short life span.

"Lattice" Pattern Image

Motif Example

I have included an example of a motif, to show my process within this portfolio.

Motif Example Image

"Powys Peacocks" Pattern

Upon visiting Powys Castle, in mid-Wales, I was surprised to see such a variety of wild birds (such as peacocks) and animals (like deer) that were so tame. It created a magical sense to the grounds and gave it’s beauty a greater depth. I have incorporated an Art Nouveau emblem, the stork because its juxtaposition to this Welsh inspired design seeks to echo this sense of surprise that I had experienced. It is these unexpected moments that make nature so wonderful because of its unpredictability.

"Powys Peacocks" Pattern Image

"Peaceful Lilies" Pattern

It amazes me how wonderful nature is, which can be seen best when you stop and stare for a while or take a pause from daily life. This little toad was sitting on the path near a hedgerow in my village as I went about my normal day and did not seem to mind at all that I should take twenty odd photographs of him. The green moth was a little more startled but only because I was not quiet enough in my enthusiasm. By placing these creatures together into a pattern it creates a little summertime world of tranquility, with a nod to The Nouveau.

"Peaceful Lilies" Pattern Image

"Ivy Woods" Pattern

This wallpaper design (150 by 300cm) is inspired by nature in Wales: I seek to bring the outside indoors from my favorite local walking spot that is filled with wild birds, mossy ivy-covered trees, with beautiful views in all directions. In this way, I hope that a sense of place and Biophilic serenity is achieved.

"Ivy Woods" Pattern Image

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