3rd Year Architecture Portfolio

Project 1 – Temple of Antithesis

The Temple of Antithesis project based on the shoreline of Blackpool utilizes illuminations and water features to simulate the feeling of sacred within it’s spaces without any clear link to religion. Its key programming is divided into solitude space, shared space and gathering space.

Project 2 – Made in Blackpool

The Made in Blackpool project like the name suggests is based in Blackpool immersed between a leisure centre and a park; both relaxation spots surrounded by residential buildings. The project aims to borrow the concept of the popular Blackpool Illuminations and infuse the residential areas with such beauty and also manufacture a durable, useful and aesthetically pleasing souvenir for the public to purchase and learn to make.

In case the fly-through videos don’t work please use the direct links below:

Temple of Antithesis : https://youtu.be/SAWaBdW9TtE

Made in Blackpool : https://youtu.be/CUCbpJW196E

Temple of Antithesis

Temple of Antithesis Image


Introduction Image

Concept and Programming

Concept and Programming Image

Experimentation and Development Models

Experimentation and Development Models Image

Site sections and Perspectives

Site sections and Perspectives Image

Floor plans and Perspectives

Floor plans and Perspectives Image

Made in Blackpool

Made in Blackpool Image


Introduction Image

Souvenir analysis

Souvenir analysis Image

Concept of Form

Concept of Form Image

Sections and Elevations

Sections and Elevations Image

Floor plans

Floor plans Image

Balcony Perspective

Balcony Perspective Image

Interior Perspectives

Interior Perspectives Image

Structure and Sustainability

Structure and Sustainability Image

Detail drawings

Detail drawings Image

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Tobechukwu Iheakanwa

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