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The work ‘Perception of time’ refers to a feeling of estrangement during quarantine and self-isolation that was imposed to combat Covid 19. I investigated this idea by creating small sets and presenting them as a diptych. We all have different experiences of self-isolation. This work is based on my personal experience when I travelled to […]


My artistic practice is concerned with understanding, recording, and translating direct experiences of the landscape and places that I visit and inhabit from day-to-day. For as far back as I can remember I have spent as much time as possible walking in the outdoors, learning ways of communicating with my surroundings, and searching for meaning within them. […]


‘Home is where the heart is’ explores the efficacy of the pursuit of the ownership of land, specifically homes. The project asks why we seem so preoccupied with private land at the cost of community. Whereas, earlier humans lived communally and shared recourses, it seems as though people are retreating more and more into their […]

The Ticket Maker

The Ticket Maker is a short story about a man who finds himself overcome with the fear of being alone. Desperate, he sits on a train platform waiting in case someone turns up. A storm hits and he runs towards the woods for safety. Will he find solace or will he have to face his […]


Through my work I aim to explore what video game remasters / remakes are and how they affect the industry. Almost everyone will understand what these are, yet not much study has been done in regards to their overall impact. Since the early days of gaming, remasters have always been around in one form or another. […]

VR – Discovering New Methods of Narrative

My animation research has been looking at storytelling and narrative using VR. It’s immersive and presents new and innovative methods of telling narrative.  The viewer can play an active role in the story and be part of the adventure by making choices within the narrative.  VR also allows the audience to become fully submerged in […]

The effect of Social Media on the human condition.

 My animated film examines the notion of loneliness in the 21st century.   Research into the loneliness of modern people is just starting to be recognised as an topic of research.  In modern society worldwide, people have  quick and convenient ways  of  communicating using  social  media  including  Wechat,  or  Weibo  in  China,  and  Facebook  or  […]


Throughout this portfolio is a range of portraits. With portraits, I feel you can become creative and explore different styles. This style of photography is interesting and eye-opening. The photographer can capture the different personality traits of the model. As well as this, the photographer can make connections and form relationships with the people being […]

Degree Show- Tom Buckley

A selection of my work from third year at UCLan

Sound Recording and Design – Project Mad Max

My Mad Max project for Sound Recording and Design module.