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Niamh Young Industry Set Brief – The Chase Manchester

This was a project at the start of my third year and just to warn some people may find the images 18+. This was such a fun project to do!

David Holst

Pakistan – Asia’s Best Kept Secret… Chitral,Pakistan

Pakistan – Asia’s Best Kept Secret… Chitral Pakistan The aim of my project is to change perspectives, educate my audience through fashion, improve tourism in the country: Show people what Pakistan really is – the true picture! Not many people know or understand the difference between Pakistan and India. Many often get confused between the […]

David Holst

I am always intrigued by other cultures and the ways they bring their experiences and their lifestyles into the works that they produce. I’d like to draw inspiration from works outside of my own sphere and incorporate that into my work, whether it be modern or traditional to make something unique.

Olivia Stafford

Finding out if the tassle was really worth the hassle To see more of my work visit my instagram page @oliviastafforddesigns


Joujou is my response to the industry brief set by The Chase. Many sex toy brands & websites can be daunting & sometimes overwhelming for people in the LGBT+ community where they are not represented well; the use of heteronormative language & branding can be discouraging for queer people who are looking to explore kink. […]

Kieron Fitzpatrick

Welcome to my portfolio, this is a collection of work that I’ve produced whilst studying at UCLan, in this portfolio is what I consider my strongest and best-representing work, I hope that you enjoy browsing my illustrations and hopefully find something you like.


Shame is my response to the industry led brief I did in my final year that was set by The Chase. In this brief I explored the taboos of the kinky side of sex and created some work that could be applied to identity, branding, packaging, etc.

Jess Bradshaw Portfolio

A showcase of work from my final year at UCLan.

Seventy-two dpi

A showcase of my last two projects in my final year of studying Illustration where I explore mental health through abstract visuals.