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David Holst

Self-Initiated Project: BLOOMING HOT

This Branding & Packaging project is based around my love for hot sauces, stemmed from a childhood of eating bland food prepared by my parents. I wanted to create a brand that would stand out from the other sauces on the market, of which I feel didn’t reflect the explosive flavours and thrilling heat of […]

Pakistan – Asia’s Best Kept Secret… Chitral,Pakistan

Pakistan – Asia’s Best Kept Secret… Chitral Pakistan The aim of my project is to change perspectives, educate my audience through fashion, improve tourism in the country: Show people what Pakistan really is – the true picture! Not many people know or understand the difference between Pakistan and India. Many often get confused between the […]

David Holst

I am always intrigued by other cultures and the ways they bring their experiences and their lifestyles into the works that they produce. I’d like to draw inspiration from works outside of my own sphere and incorporate that into my work, whether it be modern or traditional to make something unique.

Harris Art Institute

     Harris Art Institute is an educational centre based in Preston, Lancashire, designed for children of all ages to encourage them to learn and explore their creativity through art and play. The centre is a safe and welcoming space for the children and their parents, where they have a chance to experience and explore […]

Olivia Stafford

Finding out if the tassle was really worth the hassle To see more of my work visit my instagram page @oliviastafforddesigns

Ryan Peart-Donaldson

See full projects at ryanportfoliodonaldson.com

Typographic Notes: The Empowerment of Music

Thirteen Artists in Tongguang Period told that 13 excellent Beijing Opera actors during the Tongguang Period. This project describes the representative works of these three actors through typesetting. Combine the sleeves in Beijing Opera with Google fonts, use modern technology to turn the traditional into the modern, and turn the classic into the popular. The […]

Industry set Brief – Royal Mail

Brief set by The Chase Creative Consultants to design a set of Postage Stamps and Presentation Pack for the Royal Mail. Topic – Celebrating 50 years of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Mercenary Athletics

Logo design and content creation for Mercenary Athletics.