Portfolio Category: Games Design

James Watt – 3D Modeller

During my final year of university, I managed my time to work on 2 main projects over the year, one being a game and the other being an environment/diorama. Black Space is an adventure type game where you must find your way through the game and face certain challenges along the way. The game has […]

Sound Exploration

A game that revolved heavily around the integration of sounds. All Developed in Unreal Engine 4

Personal Game Jam Work

Design document explaining my part in the UCLAN Game Jam at the end of the year.

Audio Exploration Brief

A level demonstrating level design skills, use of UE4's Sequencer, incorporation of AI and audio implementation. Assets as part of Adrian Lazar's Advanced Village Pack.

Substance Designer Material

Created a tileable material using Substance Designer.

Tombstone Model

Hand painted textured prop, ready and successful imported into Unreal Engine 4. Concept by Jessica Dinh.

Shield Model

Hand painted textured prop, ready and successful imported into Unreal Engine 4 with emmisives. Concept by Jeremy Love.

Games Design Honours : Claret – Victorian Gothic Character Exploration

Crypt was a card game solution to the rather extensive rules and mathematics attached to other existing Role-Playing Games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Within this game players would take control of one of the fantasy classes, with a single player acting as the antagonist or Dungeon Master. The Players must use their spells, abilities […]

Claret – Victorian Gothic Character Exploration

This project revolved around the creation of a Gothic themed Vampire world, with characters reflecting and inspired a research document – delving into the lore of vampirism around the world. This tackled how different cultures created lore and fiction to explain science they didn’t quite understand, from the classic European vampire, to the ‘Jiang Shi’ […]