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The Paranormal

Final collection is inspired by haunted dolls, taking elements of a dolls feature such as the heads, cheek, head silhouette and to convert it into a print and using their clothing as an inspiration to add a modern twist. Theme colours are very much based on blacks and subtle colours such as, whites, nude, blush […]

Pakistan – Asia’s Best Kept Secret… Chitral,Pakistan

Pakistan – Asia’s Best Kept Secret… Chitral Pakistan The aim of my project is to change perspectives, educate my audience through fashion, improve tourism in the country: Show people what Pakistan really is – the true picture! Not many people know or understand the difference between Pakistan and India. Many often get confused between the […]

Fatima Abdullah Fashion Design Portfolio 2020

A portfolio showcasing a range of innovative design, ranging from the process of creating a repurposed womenswear collection, with emphasis on recycling and a tangible move away from the recent trend of ‘fast fashion’, adapted to the ever changing times we live in.  As well as, applying my skills to develop a girlswear range for […]

Graham & Brown Press Imagery

Press images – Graham & Brown

Folding Fashion : KENZO

Folding Fashion : Kenzo

Equation : Tea

Equation : Tea

Fantastic Man – Boys Don’t Cry

Fantastic Man

Home LE67 9UZ

Home LE67 9UX

Untitled: ‘Sexploitation’

Untitled : Sexploitation

Final Major Project: ‘Blueprint’

Final Major Project