Portfolio Category: Character Design

The Ticket Maker

The Ticket Maker is a short story about a man who finds himself overcome with the fear of being alone. Desperate, he sits on a train platform waiting in case someone turns up. A storm hits and he runs towards the woods for safety. Will he find solace or will he have to face his […]

Character Design

My turnaound sheets for character design.

So Young Magazine

Wolf Alice Editorial Editorial Illustration created for the So Young Magazine issue 16 competition. The brief was to illustrate a song lyric (or band) from a selected list. I chose to illustrate Wolf Alice, inspired by their latest album “Visions of a Life”.  

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Adam Frankenstein

Adam Frankenstein Illustrated Instagram: I created this project to celebrate the 200th year of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The brief asked to “bring Frankenstein to life.” My idea was to reimagine Frankenstein in modern day. Bringing him to life through his very own Instagram.  

Lancashire Libraries Character Design

Catch The Reading Bug Character Character design work created for a brief set by Lancashire Libraries. The aim was to illustrate some characters for their summer reading programme, with the idea that there would be a character for each week of the summer holidays. As a result, creating a total of six. Inspired by real […]

Hometown Zine

P.R.E.S.T.O.N This was a very open brief to illustrate something based on the word location. I responded by creating a zine based on an acronym version of my hometown, Preston.  

Crypto Zine

Tahoe Tessie This is a personal project, a zine inspired by Tahoe Tessie and the world of cryptozoology. Printed with a travel guide map on the back, the zine folds out into an adventure.  

Children’s Book

Children’s Book: This is a sneak peak into a children’s book that I have written and illustrated during my final months at university.


The Endangermals are a \’Mix and Match\’ alphabet of endangered animals. They combine to create new and weird animal combinations to entertain and educate. Three versions of each illustration were produced to provide a number of different outcomes. The interactive versions can be found on my personal website.

Low Poly Illustrations (Various)

A series of \’low poly\’ illustrations I\’ve done, using a mixture of processes. Great for portraits/ posters/ artwork.