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Final Year Project – Passive Modular Residence

Hi, my name is Akim Makumbi. Welcome to the UCLan Architectural Technology final year degree show and review.  ​ My final year design project proposals explore the implementation of sustainable approaches in multi-generational residential design through building materiality, environmental consideration (project site activity and building envelope assembly) and biodiversity. ​ Project Brief ​ The aim of the project is […]

The Royal Ballet School of Rotterdam

The Royal Ballet School of Rotterdam (RBSR) is a bold, ambitious, ethereal building set on the River Maas, one of the main routes into the city centre. Nestled adjacent to the main shipping canal near the peninsular of Katendrecht, the non-residential ballet school is a beacon for all to see. The final resolution of the location […]

Temple of Antitheses

Project 1 Temple of Antitheses

Garden City :Colive-Cowork-Coplay

The central courtyard can be partially used by the neighbouring residents where they can seat and enjoy the sunny weather at the designated area, and they can also observe the activities taking place in the planting area that residents grow their vegetable at. The central courtyard gives a sense of acting as a uniting device,reinforcing […]

Kryjowki (Hiding Places)

According to Gaston Bachelard’s ‘The Poetics of Space’ one of the primarily instincts for human beings is a need for shelter.! I created six sculptures that act as a series of maquettes for a full scale installation, in which the audience can climb, curl-up in, relax and quieten down. The outside of the objects are […]

Sleeping Cube

Through the experimental process of creativity, I connect art, design, and architectural ideas to develop a critique of capitalism. Urbanism, consumerism, and the education system are questioned, the systems of value are subverted, public space is reinvented. My aim is to create artworks that position dreams, emotions and memories as values that exist beyond the constraints […]

Blok Haus

Blok Haus focuses on the construction of space as installation, and I draw on my own first-handnexperiences of specific sites and buildings as part of this process. A research trip to a number of SecondnWorld War bunkers and block houses across Europe led me to consider their function, specifically innrelation to aspects of dominance and […]

Grimshaw street Gardens (Social Housing)

Final Design Project: Grimshaw street Gardens (Social Housing)

The Resolution (Honours)

The Honours Project is the most advanced and in-depth project I have encountered at undergraduate level. In this project, I had to design an interior environment in an existing site, taking control of all decision making, from the choice of site to the building programme, through to detailed design and presentation. n nThe project drew […]

The Trip (Future Lifestyle)

The Trip is a community based project based around Liverpool\’s connection with New York through the trans-Atlantic voyage. This is where I found possible ideas for what to do with the flyover. After looking at the shape of the flyover and creating a quick sketch, I noticed how similar the structure looked to the ships […]