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Nature in Design

My project is based on creating designs for wallpapers that explore how to promote feelings of comfort and satisfaction, while bringing liveliness and joy into a living space. This is especially important in this time when many of us are confined to our homes and have restricted access to the natural world. We are well […]


My collection consists of motifs, patterns and design inspired by selected aspects of Japanese culture and traditions. Inspired by the Joseon period South Korea with a modern Japanese twist. I have created work from the traditional Japanese style, but also put my own twist on it by making it more abstract. I have experimented using […]


I’m Mahmoud Elshimy, a truly passionate interior designer. I’m designing a healthy, stress-free working environment that stimulates productivity and creative thoughts, not only for people suffering from Tinnitus but for everyone else in the community. This project also helps in raising the awareness of the public about the Tinnitus disorder, and the effect of the […]

The Ticket Maker

The Ticket Maker is a short story about a man who finds himself overcome with the fear of being alone. Desperate, he sits on a train platform waiting in case someone turns up. A storm hits and he runs towards the woods for safety. Will he find solace or will he have to face his […]


My work is dedicated to researching and putting into practise simple and effective ways of creating interesting atmospheric environments. I ultimately decided to focus my attention on two tools; one I felt had a significant impact on the feel of an environment, and another I had found to both have impact but often went under […]



Tianyu Ma portfolio

To view more, please visit my website. https://the-dots.com/users/tianyu-ma-783076

Degree Show- Tom Buckley

A selection of my work from third year at UCLan

The Paranormal

Final collection is inspired by haunted dolls, taking elements of a dolls feature such as the heads, cheek, head silhouette and to convert it into a print and using their clothing as an inspiration to add a modern twist. Theme colours are very much based on blacks and subtle colours such as, whites, nude, blush […]

Niamh Young Industry Set Brief – The Chase Manchester

This was a project at the start of my third year and just to warn some people may find the images 18+. This was such a fun project to do!