Portfolio Category: Master of Fine Art 2020-21

Fun Cohesion and Isolation Booth

Danielle’s Fine Art and Social Practitioner roles interconnect an integral golden thread through people, to place, nature and wellbeing, creating formats of social cohesion, through social dialogue, fun, doodles and play. Discovering interventions through autoethnography approaches to explore self-identity through her art practice, resulting in creative antidote’s as processed conversational pieces or interventions she shares […]


In the Making As makers I believe it is our responsibility to influence a more sustainable way in which we consume. In such an age where trends come and go within a scroll of the latest news feed, how can we generate a more meaningful relation between the consumer and object? Through several seminars I […]

It’s not an exact science

Jo Garrett is Northwest-based fine artist specialising in interweaving alternative analogue and digital processes through lens and print. Her research and practice merges experimental and historical darkroom and print-based techniques, technologies and materials. Taking a non-linear approach, this series of works considers the notion of ‘light’ as physical entity, using a range of photographic and print-based materials and […]

Everything evolves given enough time…

Everything evolves given enough time… In the still and static, a fattening, devouring moss, has started accumulating and multiplying on the surface of old ideas. It slowly reclaims our man-made, artificial material scapes, whilst we are preoccupied in sprawling digital realms, consuming huge amounts of data to replace physical connections.   My research continues to explore […]


My practice is about escape. Painting these pieces creates an escape into another world for both the artist and the viewer. These worlds are imaginary and dreamlike, potential Utopias where the possibilities are endless. Imagining how we would want the world to be. Creating places where people may like to escape to. Where we all […]


Corona Virus has allowed me time to step back, look at things differently within my practice. Make art that relates to my childhood, my mental health problems, my history. I am excavating my past, holding a dialogue with my younger self. The process allows me to explore my time and memory, explore unease through artifacts. […]

MA Interim Show

Through my work I want to explore the mythological representation of women and how stories have been influenced and reengineered by patriarchy. How women have been written out of folklore and how stories have been changed to fit in with this ideology. I will look at how great historical attacks on female power have been […]

Chloe McNee

My work has focused on developing digital images of the area around where I live, based on my exploration of newly observed locations. The process involves using selected photographs from these investigations as templates for digital drawings to develop from; a practise that is starting to unfold from basic drawings to ones with added complexity […]

The Barn

Theresa Eveson MA Fine Art Year 2 The barn is a series of explorations through history, the lens and my emotions, to etch my mark, albeit impermanent upon a confined space that was to be my retreat during the pandemic. To explore what lies beneath, both physical and ephemeral, marks etched, memories awakened, a place […]


The work I make is created by recording my immediate environment from the flow of meditation practice; aspects of time, place and transformation are subjects of focus. I  produce large scale mixed media paintings combined with print techniques. The support is initially worked with wood relief print which creates a biomorphic pattern, on to which a layering of materials takes […]