Portfolio Category: Master of Architecture

Cycle Superhub | Rotterdam

The Cycle Superhub is a proposal designed to re-invigorate interest in cycling among the city dwellers of Rotterdam. Having seen that Rotterdam’s cycle usage was considerably down from the national average, and in relation to certain Dutch cities, nearly 3 times less favoured, I believed there was an opportunity to aid bringing cycling back to the forefront of […]

The Royal Ballet School of Rotterdam

The Royal Ballet School of Rotterdam (RBSR) is a bold, ambitious, ethereal building set on the River Maas, one of the main routes into the city centre. Nestled adjacent to the main shipping canal near the peninsular of Katendrecht, the non-residential ballet school is a beacon for all to see. The final resolution of the location […]


The design thesis proposal is contenxtualised in the Cool district,Rotterdam. This urban intervention design is described as the Imagination Factory, Verbeelding Fabriek. The Imagination Factory is a creative playscape where a child can be immersed in  an atmosphere of wonder and fantacy,the building is designed to stimulate the childs sense of curiosity and play.This  proposal […]


VEILIGE HAVEN A place of cultural exchange for the global community

Garden City :Colive-Cowork-Coplay

The central courtyard can be partially used by the neighbouring residents where they can seat and enjoy the sunny weather at the designated area, and they can also observe the activities taking place in the planting area that residents grow their vegetable at. The central courtyard gives a sense of acting as a uniting device,reinforcing […]

Studentenstad Rotterdam (Student City Rotterdam)

Studentenstad Rotterdam (Student City Rotterdam) M.Arch. Design Thesis Modular Student Accommodation Project Concept and Ethos  Studentenstad means Student City in Dutch. The Student Accommodation project, located right in the heart of Rotterdam’s City Centre, creates the opportunity for a new vibrant and young student environment within walking distance of major landmarks and significant buildings around […]