Portfolio Category: Master of Photography


In the Shadow of the Atom is a visual study of Britain’s Nuclear Energy Paradox. Nuclear production is an old technology, having found its feet toward the end of the 1940s, yet many still consider it to be a futuristic and highly complex space age technology. It additionally stands invisible yet visible, through its isolated […]


Behind this crazy year of COVID and lockdowns is a call from nature that we have out grown our planet. Our collective life styles and actions have tipped the balance of nature and she can cope no more.  If David Attenborough’s prophecy is correct, we are now on a speeding downward spiral towards extinction. We […]

Abandoned Buildings

My name is Bridget Newman and I am an older disabled photographer.  I photograph social history images, items that have been left to decay and rot, empty abandoned buildings and areas where nature is reclaiming items.  The past is interesting to me and I try to capture some part of it whether it is still […]

MA Final

“Mum needs a microwave” Familiar spaces viewed anew due to a starvation of ‘scapes. Familiar as in I’ve seen these spaces before throughout my life, the subject’s nature touches on petroaesthetics, randomness and alcohol. The current wonder is what will happen to these spaces going forward. If photographed then they are captured, frozen in this […]


‘Home is where the heart is’ explores the efficacy of the pursuit of the ownership of land, specifically homes. The project asks why we seem so preoccupied with private land at the cost of community. Whereas, earlier humans lived communally and shared recourses, it seems as though people are retreating more and more into their […]

A Quiet Life in Lockdown

This project has produced a visual narrative of life under lockdown during 2020. It focused on a family home where most time has been spent and on the routes around the neighbourhood that were used for exercise. So, photographic images were created as a way of showing the contrasts between “inside” and “outside” and between […]