Portfolio Category: Master of Fine Art


The work ‘Perception of time’ refers to a feeling of estrangement during quarantine and self-isolation that was imposed to combat Covid 19. I investigated this idea by creating small sets and presenting them as a diptych. We all have different experiences of self-isolation. This work is based on my personal experience when I travelled to […]


My practice is an exploration of place through methods of ‘mapping’, to create a visual representation of a chosen location. I often choose locations or themes within a place that go overlooked, exploring the location in detail to create a coalition of past, present, and future through visual representations such as actual maps, photography, illustrations, […]


Installation shot of ‘Closet’, August 2020. Photograph of projection in mirror reflection signed by artist. Materials: Projector, white fabric, lipstick, sequins, fragments film, laser light, dress, mannequins, light box, weighing scale,   mirrors with lipstick message. triangle led light.

MA Fine Art

I wanted to take a non-linear approach to exploring the expendability of materials. Keeping this a key statement in my mind while approaching my work. I decided that instead of interpreting mark making on a piece of paper, fabric or canvas. That I would use these mediums instead to do the mark making. Leaving a […]


My work focuses on adaptive architecture and Climate change, while simultaneously featuring elements of architecture seen in day to day life. Each piece is a depiction of a location I have created specifically designed to incorporate elements of architecture relevant to the severe weather events experienced in that specific region of the globe. From wildfires […]


A collection of 3 short videos to be traversed on Youtube to form a basic interview session based on the cartoon series “Steven Universe”, lasting roughly 5 minutes per sequence of questions. Whilst perusing my backlog of inspirational material I came across mention of the Preston based project “Piercing Brightness” which had taken some years […]


My work is the result of my interaction with found materials where I have surrendered myself to the creative process and allowed the work to evolve in an organic, changeable manner. It seeks out the boundaries between abstract and figurative elements, explores combinations, builds new relationships and questions the nature of the artwork itself. My […]

History of A Place

I am investigating memory, a history of a place, and the overlooked.   My practice explores urban dereliction and the throwaway society that consumes, discards and is left to decay.  I capture the visceral elements that connect to a place and moment in time, by exploring deteriorating surfaces that expose their materiality. As a multi-disciplinary artist, I work with photography, found […]


‘Plastic Earth’ was inspired by two main areas of interest: the surfaces I walked upon whilst taking my regular walk through the fields near to where I live; and the degraded surfaces of man-made structures. I am someone who feels more at home in the natural environment and feel saddened when mankind negatively effects nature, […]


My work involves layering small fragments of MDF board with a mixture of paint and other substances. Substances include baby oil, different types of glue, water, kitchen cleaner and pigments. I am exploring ideas of process, control and mark making. Listening to the materials and share the process with them. I collect them and put […]