Portfolio Category: Master of Children's Book Illustration


I have been a professional scenic artist and set designer for over 20 years, running my own company ‘Artifex,’ producing large scale artwork for television film and theatre. I am also involved in a number of public arts projects, most recently for ‘Wild in Art’, painting sculptures for Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle. Over the last […]


I’m Shelley, a children’s book illustrator based in the North West of England. My Master’s project focused on whether in a growing digital age, picture books can cultivate creativity and a sense of wonder for the real world. From my own experience as an early years professional, I found that creativity is not always nurtured […]

The Digby Project: How can a picture book be accessible and inclusive to all children?

Children’s picture books have always had significance and importance in children’s lives. However picture books are not always made accessible to everyone. As someone with visual impairment myself, The Digby project was designed to create a series of books dedicated to be fully accessible and inclusive to all readers. Featuring a little mole called Digby […]

Animal Attraction

My name is Zhiqing Liu. I come from China, and doing children’s book illustration in Uclan. My work aims to teach children to be kind to others, through knowledge and love of animals in picture books. Cruelty to animals is a widespread phenomenon with serious implications for animal welfare, individual and societal well-being. Most reports […]


Hello, I’m Heidi, a children’s book illustrator and author based in North West England. During my MA, I wanted to examine if illustrators could design interactive picture books to encourage children to engage their own imaginations to explore these books and assist in preparing them to be multiliterate individuals, posing the question, “Can illustrators help […]