Portfolio Category: Master of Ceramics


My work focuses on Coercive Control and aims to highlight the impact that emotional abuse has on the victim. Work in progress for my final show portrays emotions felt and the havoc it plays with the mind. Through ceramic processes I create portraiture sculptures using facial expressions and concepts in the head itself to highlight […]

Echoes of the Shore

For my MA Degree I have been studying the coast close to where I live and exploring how I might capture the essence of the coast in ceramic pieces. As a result of my original research I decided to focus on two aspects of the coast. The first was the vastness of the sea, sand […]

Ceramics for the Garden

I am making ceramics for a domestic garden setting, complementing and contrasting natural growing forms.  By using a modular construction I offer future owners /users the option to be involved in the in the final design by choosing the colour, shapes and order of components in a water feature or totem. My range also includes […]


The raison d’etre for my work was to further develop and expand my interest in ceramic sculpture. A body of work which is underpinned by an architectural discourse that responds to an active minimalist aesthetic. This interest in architecture and sculpture has been the focus in the development of my practice from the outset, allowing me to experiment […]


The study explores the use of clay to capture moments and memories otherwise lost to the passage of time and decay. The creation and conservation of shapes and textures experienced within natural forms and their preservation. As any keen walker will have experienced on exposed moorland, the site of Juncus effusus is commonplace. Known as […]


Not seeking to imitate nature but hoping to evoke a cherished memory, sense of peace or the feeling of being alive as the elements tear through the landscape. There is no deep meaning to Rachelle’s work but simply layers of the visual narrative that resides within her head.  She simply regards a broken scraped and […]


“MEMORY AND LOSS” The Memorialisation of Life and Remembrance in Death. I am, in essence, a sculptor. This research body interrogates deeply personal encounters with death. My intellectual understanding of and attitude towards death, an interest in anthropology, close  connections I was privileged to forge along my professional career and, ultimately, over 30 years spent […]