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Exhibition Piece

For my exhibition piece i decided to explore the stigmas and stereotypes that often come with having a mental health illness. I also drew on my knowledge of psychology and labelling theory to create this final piece of work. The words are written on acetate instead of the actual pictures because of this.

End of Year

End of year pieces

Final Project

Final Exhibition Project Light Installation Design Commercial & Residential Interior Design

Final Project – Cowl Neck Dress

Process book for my final project of the year for Foundation Art and Design.


For this project, I aimed to explore human emotions and expressions and the ways in which they change from one to the other.  For instance, a face can change drastically with the smallest nuances. A slight raise of an eyebrow can change a poker face to one that is quizzical, and a certain smile can […]

The London Project

These sets of images were inspired by a recent trip to London. Throughout the visit I came across many references to politics and the way it directly affects people; this inspired me to research statistics associated with the capital city. Mediums used – Photography & Spray Painting.

Self Isolation

Due to the current state of the world in regard to COVID-19 and the current closure of universities, schools, non-essential shops, pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and the proposed lockdown, I have documented my self-isolation period via film, photography, observational/life drawing. I wanted to use this extended period of unforeseen isolation in a positive way, I […]

The Lost World – Children’s Book

The Lost World is a story written and illustrated by me. Created on Procreate with iPad and Apple pencil. The story follows a little girl who discovers where our lost items go and tries to teach the goblins of the lost world a valuable lesson about stealing and why it is wrong.

20 Year Experience

When I started this project I wanted to explore my health in relation to my experiences throughout my life. Initially I explored different aspect of my life an ordered them by time to establish a year by year timeline. Illustrating the more poignant moments from this research I created a basic concept for my final […]

Exhibition Project

Busy (Inside) Busy (Outside) Final piece for the Exhibition project, Foundation Art & Design