Portfolio Category: BSc (Hons) Architecture

Year 3 Architecture Portfolio

Project 1 – Temple of Antitheses – Inspired by a boat Exploration and creation of a contemplative space accessible to those with faith and those without.  The antithesis of the frequent kitschness and frenetic activity of Blackpool, with inclusion, unity and a celebration of each person’s uniqueness at its centre, the Temple of Antithesis is […]

Made in Blackpool

Made in Blackpool is a project looking at how to rejuvenate design and production in Blackpool.

Design Portfolio

Compilation of the two projects conducted in year 3 at UCLan

Made in Blackpool

Creating a relationship between the commercial and residential aspects of Blackpool, and celebrating the contrast between them.

3rd Year Architecture Portfolio

Project 1 – Temple of Antithesis The Temple of Antithesis project based on the shoreline of Blackpool utilizes illuminations and water features to simulate the feeling of sacred within it’s spaces without any clear link to religion. Its key programming is divided into solitude space, shared space and gathering space. Project 2 – Made in […]

A03100/A03200- Undergraduate Portfolio- TF

Project 1: The Temple of Antithesis The aim of this project is to create a space of solitude and gathering space for spiritual use. My intention was to create a state of mind that allows you to go beyond what you can imagine, the site really enabled this idea to be practiced and work. Temple of […]

Undergraduate Portfolio

Temple of Anthesis – The Maze Inspired by the quote ‘where you are lost you shall be found.’ The Maze aims to create a space for ‘What is Sacred?’  by detaching from any form religion. It enables one to somewhat create their own sanctuary of place by finding themselves. In the North shore of Blackpool. […]

Made in Blackpool

The purpose of this project is to create a place for the local community to participate in producing a locally made souvenir for Blackpool, to reduce the amount of imported souvenirs currently being brought into Blackpool, this will in turn provide jobs for the  local community. Visitors and tourists will also be able to participate […]

Year 3 Architecture Portfolio

Project 1 – Temple of Antithesis (Pg. 1-6) – The brief asked us into the sensory and social conditions of Blackpool and in looking in those aspects asked of us to design and create a Temple of Anthesis; a sanctuary of ceremony, respite and reflection removed from religion. Project 2 – Made in Blackpool (Pg. 7-16) […]

Temple of Antithesis & Made in Blackpool

Temple of Antithesis A place of non-religious ceremony, sanctuary, and memory that the transient and settled communities of Blackpool can utilise as a place of respite and sensory renewal. A place to gather, a place to share, and a place to be alone with oneself. It is an architectural response that manipulates form, volume, aperture, […]