Portfolio Category: BA (Hons) Textile Design

Positive Energies

What creates positivity and happiness? I have explored the effect of positive energies on the brain and body in addition to studying brain scans and neuropathways. My aim is that my designs radiate a positive and powerful vibration to promote wellbeing.. My collection consists of fashion prints and activewear that are fun and funky.

In Bloom

Exploring gardens, public park, and the nature is the main inspiration of this collection. I have brought each aspect together to produce this graphic style collection. Florals are an integral part of interior and fashion trends.  This collection had a different approach than the usual traditional printing when producing these prints. Most of the prints […]

Femmes De La Floriographie.

Femmes De La Floriographie. ‘With aspirations to raise awareness and help those in need of some self-care; I like to incorporate positivity, honesty, and real life into my artwork. My digital print designs each have meaning and symbolise how women should embrace themselves. For this project I have researched into the language of flowers and […]


Taking inspiration from the spirit of escapism, I want my collection to have that dream-like quality within them. Harnessing the beauty of opulence in my work, I have taken inspiration from intricate, classical and European architecture, combined with my love for nature and majestic animals to create a lavish dreamscape. 

Playful Urban

My final collection explores the many patterned facades of the urban landscape of Lisbon. Inspired by the bold and playful colours I created an interactive twist on interior print and design. This range can be used by people both young and old that enjoy play as a form of escapism by combining versatile prints and […]

Picture Perfect

From flower power to retro classic cards. I may not have lived in the 1970’s but, a photo album found in a flea market in Lisbon, that records two young 70’s children growing up has given me insight. My aim in this project was to produce contemporary prints and children’s clothing inspired by the 1970’s. […]

Wayward Women by Jo Lloyd

Wayward Women is a body of work created in response to research into female criminals sentenced to transportation from the UK to Australia and Tasmania. Between 1788 and 1868 approximately 25,000 female convicts were sentenced to transportation, often for petty crimes such as stealing bread. Inspired by women’s lives and women’s stories, this body of […]

Sedna, Goddess of the sea

The work for my final major project has been inspired by the Inuit folk story of Sedna the Sea Goddess and how she came into being.  This story in particular inspired creativity due to it’s resonance of the power that women hold even when they are faced with adversity. I have taken elements of this […]

Urban Inspirations

Upon my travels through Lisbon, my inspiration was gathered from a variety of places and scenes that I viewed and experienced. From architecture to nature, my designs have been drawn, collaged and created with my original photographs in mind. I extracted shapes and textures from these images, creating them through different means of mark making […]

Living Specimen

My lifelong passion for botanical’s and living creatures inspired me to create a body of work dedicated to them, that can also make a difference. I focused on endangered species and the habitats they live in. I wanted to create designs that can educate people on species they may never have heard of before. My […]