Portfolio Category: BA (Hons) Product Design

Degree Show- Tom Buckley

A selection of my work from third year at UCLan



Velox Hairdryer

Problem Most hair dryers are restricted by their wires, making it difficult for the user to reach the back of their heads, or dry their hair fully if especially long. Solution Introducing the Velox Hair dryer, the new wireless hair dryer that includes a charging dock, looking stylish in any setting.


all my year 3 works honors- PFD for cold water shock concept design-rescue vehicle in 2069

MCampbell Design, Degree show 2020

This is a futuristic concept project. It Explores the aesthetics and usage of medical care robots in the year 2090.  

Degree Show Portfolio

During my three years of study at UCLan, I have developed skills and confidence in various areas, which extend past product design. Through working on various projects, I have gained knowledge in a wide range of areas and learned to appreciate the design process not just the end product. Within this portfolio I have summarised […]

J.Birkett Design, Degree show 2020

Originating from the domain area of “Toys”, final year projects have investigated interactive products to reduce early onset of degenerative diseases such as dementia, as well as futuristic concepts that consider a new form of personal transportation in the year 2080. For more information about these projects and other personal projects, please visit my website.

Snowlation Helmet

Presented is a model showcase of the ‘Snowlation Helmet’ a project which I created within my honours project section of 3rd year.