Portfolio Category: BA (Hons) Photography

Fan Culture and Passions

My series titled Fan Culture and Passions is specifically exploring the culture and passion of football fans. The images are a visual representation, exploring the position in normal times and also during this current ‘lock down’ period, where football has been suspended as a result of the Covid-19 virus. I want my pre-lockdown work on […]

My Hair My Identity

My Hair My Identity project aims empower women in particular black women into accepting themselves for who they are. Black women within society have been highly politicised and dehumanised which has resulted in many black females wanting to change their true identity. Being a black female myself, I know the struggles black women face within […]

Synaesthesia Project

 For this project I have focused on creating a body of work that explores my journey with synaesthesia and spending my time experimenting with the best way to approach this condition. Synaesthesia is a condition that explores the joining or merging of senses usually associated with colour and I spent the duration of this project […]

Degree Show 2020 Product Photography

This project is about exploring product photography outside of the studio, using natural lighting and the natural environment to create commercial photographs. I wanted to chose a location full of nature and greenery to match the products that I had selected to create a story behind them and show the benefits of the products. Because […]

Life Itself

The initial route I was going to go down was to emulate CD covers however it soon became apparent to me that there was a lack of depth and meaning in the images I was taking for the intended purpose. After brainstorming some ideas, I came across the show called Black Mirror, as I started […]

Beauty is Skin Deep!

My photography takes an examination of social and communication issues. Within this project, it is a fine art portrait project. The project is about showing the natural beauty of the skin. We become so self-absorbed in social media and editing images. However, social media gives a false sense of reality. Social media is used in […]

We are People Also

Drawing on previous works in social practice on homelessness, this body of work is a visual representation of homeless people in order to consider their lives and experience through a series of portraits in which they hold a message written by themselves on a piece of cardboard. By the influences of practitioners such as Anthony […]


Mindfulness is a project that focuses on the visualisation of my own mental health and my journey with the struggles of anxiety. Throughout the project I am documenting my mental health journey through the period of self-isolation and how physical materials can be of use to visualise this journey and how I’m feeling on a […]

Catharsis in Nature

Catharsis in Nature visually represents my experience of catharsis through immersion in nature. During periods of turbulent emotions and difficult situations I immerse myself in the natural environment, where the issue causing me to feel anxious has no relevance, in order to feel grounded and present again. This sense of calm derived from tranquil natural […]

Ugly Beautiful

This project explores the human mouth and its movement in an abject manner with the purpose of creating an adverse reaction from the viewer. The purpose of my work is to subvert the mainstream narrative and connotations of the mouth and discover how that can affect the emotional response of an audience. My practice is […]