Portfolio Category: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Tianyu Ma portfolio

To view more, please visit my website. https://the-dots.com/users/tianyu-ma-783076

Megan Lenton

Give my portfolio website a look for more projects

Zac Minev

‘Please Yourself’ Brand is a range of lipstick vibrator sex toys created by the makeup brand MAC.The brand in designed to promote self expression and confidence in women. It is an extension of the already successful make-up brand. Please Yourself if a confident, empowering and sassy brand with an attitude for self confidence and pleasure.

David Holst

I am always intrigued by other cultures and the ways they bring their experiences and their lifestyles into the works that they produce. I’d like to draw inspiration from works outside of my own sphere and incorporate that into my work, whether it be modern or traditional to make something unique.

Ben Russell’s Portfolio

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Will McLellan

Just havin’ fun with it. See more on my website: willmcl.com

Andrew Heskett’s Portfolio

After three years of studying for a degree in Graphic Design at UCLan, my passion for addressing inequalities within society was further solidified. Following the completion of some generic briefs to ensure I have experience in a number of areas within design, I began to direct my attention to representing ostracized groups. A  key piece […]

Olivia Stafford

Finding out if the tassle was really worth the hassle To see more of my work visit my instagram page @oliviastafforddesigns

Lauren Holderness

Any questions? – Please get in touch! I would love to hear from you!

Ryan Peart-Donaldson

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