Portfolio Category: BA (Hons) Games Design

Bethany Kelly – 3D Artist & Visual Effects

During my final year at UCLan I created 3 projects: 2 diorama environments called ‘Witch’s House’ and ‘Woodland Shrine’, and also a 3D Voxel FPS game called ‘CakeAway’. Diorama Projects: Witch’s House A 3D diorama environment inspired by the concept of the classic Witch, as portrayed throughout classical literature and media. My aim for this […]

James Watt – 3D Modeller

During my final year of university, I managed my time to work on 2 main projects over the year, one being a game and the other being an environment/diorama. Black Space is an adventure type game where you must find your way through the game and face certain challenges along the way. The game has […]

Aram Potter – VFX and Games Design

I have made 2 games for my final year projects, and have focused on the use of VFX for both games. Lost Elements Game:  As this was a more game design focused project I focused on game-play, environment and VFX to make a fun and visually appealing game. The basis of the game entails the […]

Adam Kay – Technical designer

For my Final year I did a total of 8 projects one of which was a failure, this was an attempt to do ‘Speech to Text’ In Unreal engine so it will not be included. First semester prototype tasks: Turn based combat RNG RPG – ‘What’s yours is mine.’ Second semester Prototypes: Puzzle game with […]

Alex Keates, 3D Artist

Hello, I am Alex, a 3D Artist working with Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 4. During my final year of university I worked on a 3D scene that I am calling ‘The Lich’s Throne Room’ where I wanted to show the dominance of the Lich that lives here and the power he […]

John Sarsfield

In my last year of Games Design, I worked on two projects Lost in Prison – This is a Physics-based puzzle game where the player has to think outside of the box and use their environment successfully in order to progress. There is also a new threat inside the prison, automated Robot Guards fill the […]

Scott Hamilton

Hi! I’m Scott. I enjoy creating intuitive and engaging game levels that work in conjunction with interesting mechanics to allow the player to have fun and get their brain in gear. From my time at UCLan I have enjoyed the ability to discuss technical issues amongst others and finding creative solutions to them, as well […]

Jamie Cox Game Design Portfolio

This is my final year Game Design portfolio. Over my final year I created and developed 2 games. The first game is for my Honours Project. The game is called Anya, it is a story driven, emotional game about a young refugee’s journey from her poor, dense city to a wealthy city. The second game […]

Thomas Durrant | Environment Showcase

I’m extremely passionate about playing and designing video games and wish to develop my current skills within games design with a view to working in the games industry. I would consider myself to be a hard worker and enjoy working as part of a team or independently. I can speak two languages English and Welsh […]

Adam Fogg Degree Show 2020

This is the biggest room in one of the carriages so I could show off more of the assets and have a little more space to play around with the scene.