Portfolio Category: BA (Hons) Fine Art

Its All In Your Head

Inspired from already existing horror films, I have created a series of  Horror themed sculptures which outlines my personal fears.  The pieces are created with air drying clay and then are finished with acrylic paint

Conversations with myself and identity

“I have a dream” Decided to paint a man who dedicated his whole life into making sure others were treated equally


acrylic, ink on cardboard

Growth Lines

In my studio practice I work primarily with sculpture and installation. This project began as an exploration into the isolation of mental illness. As a woman with Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I have spent periods of my life feeling extremely isolated and this experience is what I was initially hoping to portray through […]


I’m interested in how a person can be represented in a portrait in a way that emphasises elements of their personality. I have researched colour theory and colour psychology as a way to examine how different colours can be used to represent different emotions and personality traits. As Picasso states, ‘Colours, like features, follow the […]


With this project, I focused on botanical drawings – I wanted to celebrate nature and the fragility of flowers and plants. The build up to my degree show I drew simplistic, linear flowers with fine liners and offered a more characterised section in other parts of the drawing using acrylic paints. My drawings have the […]

En Dehors

Dance for me is a coping strategy, and I undergo a transformation when I perform. Being in lockdown created adaptations for my art using video and sound. I have created a two-channel video piece that incorporates sequence dancing and colour with sound, to illustrate how my mental state has been impacted by the pandemic, which has disrupted and limited […]


The aim of this project was to explore my innate interest in shelter and interiors that began as a child while playing with polly pockets and dollhouses; immersing myself in these tiny environments for hours. I’m now placing that fascination with being ‘inside’ into a Fine Art context and allowing my audience to access my […]

Chloe McNee

In my work I have been exploring landscapes, specifically in relation to how I can present them alongside domestic furniture. I have been creating small scale landscapes on furniture using papier- mâché, which looks very similar to snow when it’s white and similar to rock when combined with watered down black ink. Making my work […]

Without a Trace

I am conscious of the current environmental challenges, and my practice seeks to address the changes taking place across the natural world as a result of human interference.  I focus on materials that are organic, and possess a fragile, translucent quality that leave little trace or impact on the surrounding context.  Materials are mainly hand-sewn, […]