Portfolio Category: BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion

Megan Woodman Portfolio

For my final major project I chose to look at the idea of Cosmetic Surgery and the reasons behind why people feel the need to modify themselves. This led me into researching subjects such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is what my final images are inspired by. My images challenge the idea of what the […]

Sarah Coyne

I am a graduating student with two years of University experience in Fashion Photography, before beginning my path onto Fashion Promotion (with Styling). I often visit London Fashion Week to take street style photography shots from outside of events, and on occasion have worked unpaid inside shows. I also have a passion for styling, and […]


This project surrounds the different concepts of futurism. These are emphasised as dynamism,speed,energy, vitality, power of the machine and restlessness of modern life.

April Howie – Final Year Student

I am a Class of 2020 Graduate in Fashion Promotion currently shortlisted for two awards with the Graduate Fashion Foundation; the New Media Award and Communications Digital Portfolio Award,

Stephanie’s Portfolio

The work submitted into this portfolio is my best work selected from my final year. This will include my final two end of year projects, one of them highlighting the dangers of face filters and selfie culture and the other being the importance of play in adulthood.

Fashion Portfolio

During my final year I have explored topics around the life of sex workers and purchasing oxygen.  One of the challenges has been to work within the restrictions of COVID 19 and this has meant I had to think about demonstrating my creative ideas through a set of self -portraits rather than using a model […]

DTJM – Final Work

Welcome!  For my virtual degree show I have picked out three projects from my final year work.  The first project is a concept brand extension for the outdoor clothing brand Vollebak. The second project is a concept brand experience for Martini. The final project is concept event for Adidas.  Thank you for viewing. 

Fashion styling portfolio

A styling portfolio show casing my final year work.


Netflix is launching a radio station called ‘Scene’ aimed at connecting with a demographic who are passionate about music, fashion, current affairs and popular culture. This new radio station plans to reinvent the way that people listen to, and think of radio, and to entertain the UK’s Generation Z. The aim is to provide this […]

Jessica Stone – Creative Portfolio

An extension to the brand Oliver Bonas, Relish is a London based upmarket cafe and creative workshop space emulation perfect lifestyle experience, targeting consumers’ wants, and needs that go further than a product. The concept derived from the ‘Experience over product’ trend pushed by Millenials who are striving for credible and authentic experience from brands. […]