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Digital studios attempting to break into tv and film.
Embarking on a project to create a reality tv show. There’s a guy in oz claiming to be Prince Charles son, I’m looking to do the same I’m calling it the true adventures of HRH Robert the reality show will follow me as I swan about the globe doing the knight in shining armour thing within this I will attempt to put together pitches for tv and film ideas to go to Hollywood for the pitches and meet up with celebrities, I envision it being a bit like Ricky gervaises extras comedy.
I need help with online presence, branding the product and marketing plus people willing to be emissaries for the pretend court of HRH this will take the form of st James court or Clarence House it’s primary aim is to educate the world of Royalty and history. Bit like the Kardashians but with class.
I thank you!

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