Where do I find my SoundCloud Audio ID?

  • Log in to your SoundCloud account and locate the audio clip you wish to add to your portfolio
  • Click on the ‘Share’ icon which should be located underneath the clip. This should open a share/embed box on the screen
  • Click on the ‘Embed’ tab and you should be able to see the embed code
  • Copy this code into a text editor and you should find your clip id in the url for example: api.soundcloud.com/tracks/31503092

Where do I find my YouTube Video ID?

  • Log in to your YouTube account and locate the video that you wish to add to your portfolio
  • Your YouTube video id should be located in the url of that page after the (=) sign for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OBfr46Y0cQ

Where do I find my Vimeo Video ID?

  • Log in to your Vimeo account and locate the video that you wish to add to your portfolio
  • Underneath the video you will see a ‘Share’ button. Click on this button and it should open the sharing box
  • You will see your video id in the ‘Embed’ code box. Copy and paste this code snippet into a text editor.
  • The id should be located in the url for example: https://vimeo.com/216430990

What support do I have if anything goes wrong with pay or experience with a client?

  • As a UCLan student or graduate you are eligible to use the support services provided by Propeller.



What does the UCLan Talent ‘traffic lights’ system mean?

We have used a ‘traffic light’ system so you can see when our students are available for work.

Green = available to take on substantial work/projects

Amber = can take on smaller, one-off projects

Red = not available at the moment

Students and graduates have been asked to check and update their availability status every 3 months. So if someone is not available to work for you at the moment, this may change in a few weeks time.


Student year groups – what’s the difference?

It is important that you understand the progression and attainment levels expected of our students and the impact this has on their availability to work.

2nd year students

During their second year, our students have more time to experiment and find their own creative ‘voice’. This is also the year they are encouraged to gain commercial experience so we are happy for them to consider larger projects.

3rd year students

The work of our talented 3rd years is more polished and refined, but they have limited availability as they focus their attention on their final year assignments and exams. This inevitably limits the time they have available to undertake commercial work.


This is the time our talented graduates really start to establish their careers. Some will be seeking full-time work, some like to travel before settling into employment, whilst others may choose to build up their portfolios by taking on a range of temporary roles.